David Shale’s Deep Sea Creatures

The strange creatures from the depths of the sea


Photo: David Shale Captured by net in North Atlantic waters between 600 and 800 meters below, the fangtooth is one of the deepest-dwelling fish.

Acorn Worm

Photo: David Shale Brought in at 2,700 meters by ROV in the North Atlantic, these worms feed on sea-floor sediment and leave behind wavy traces.


Photo: David Shale The ROV brought this tentacled jellyfish up from 2,700 meters from the North Atlantic Ridge.


Photo: David Shale This specimen was netted at about 2,700 meters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Spider

Photo: David Shale This benthic creature was caught at a depth of about 1,000 meters in the Barents Sea north of Europe.

Deep Sea Basket Star

Photo: David Shale A type of brittle star, a class closely related to starfish, it was plucked from a coral seamount by ROV from at least 500 meters deep.