Tips From a Pro: Shoot Effortless Portraits

Pro shooter George Lange shares his tricks of the trade

The Kiss

An intimate post-wedding moment made better by bad weather.

Against the Wind

Jonah Hill blowing petals against the wind.

The Right Light

The photographer’s son pauses in some good light while his dad waits for the shark.

Sun Bathing

Lange captured actress Jessica Love in a Maplewood, NJ backyard; a vintage swimsuit helped set the tone.

Sweet Exchange

Lange fell in love with Jeni’s Splendid ice cream in Columbus, OH four years ago, and began a still-ongoing project documenting the company, in exchange for their dessert.

Farm Boys

They look posed, but this foursome ran off a split second after staring down the photographer.

Man on the Street

On assignment for Microsoft, this model was photographed in New York City’s Meatpacking district, where Lange loves the morning light.

Sunrise View

Says Lange, of this photo of his son, awed by the beauty of the sunrise from his hospital room: “This is one of those places you rarely bring your camera— who wants to remember? Yet we were together and it was a moment full of more wonder than sadness.”

Dancing Hand

A member of dance company Aszure Barton & Artists, for which Lange is company photographer, during a run-through performance.

Swamp Dance

Years into his friendship with choreographer Aszure Barton, Lange and Barton made this picture together in the swamps at White Oak in Florida.