Surf Photography by Pat Stacy

Amazing surf photos from a pro shooter

This photo is from a trip in Indonesia that Transworld Surf organized. These two had the greatest rivalry surfing has ever seen and the idea was to put them together on a secluded island and document what happens. Getting this shot to happen was pretty hard and it was basically the beginning of what was to become a great friendship. RIP AI. I miss you brother.
This is a shot from the first five minutes of light at a beachbreak in Los Angeles shot with Kodak E100 VS
This is a fairly Typical morning in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa. It’s easy to see here why this place is considered one of the best point breaks in the world.
I realize all these photos are barrels, but these are my favorite kinda conditions to shoot photos. This photo is from my favorite trip I’ve ever been on. The location is Gnaraloo in Western Australia and the surfer is current world #1 Joel Parkinson.
This shot is at Backdoor Pipeline. This spot is probably the scariest place to swim for me and it’s by accident that I wound up in this position. The guy with his hands up on the shoulder is Joel Parkinson. He caught the wave before and I chased him in only to pop out the back of that wave and see this thing behind it. I started swimming for life and wound up in a spot that i would never intentionally put myself.
A perspective through a fish’s eye in Tahiti
This photo was taken a couple days after the shot of Mark Occhilupo. Teahupoo is the only reef I’ve ever seen that can handle any size swell.
Shane surfed this wave 3 times all by himself this day, and it was some of the greatest surfing I’ve ever seen. Nobody knows where it is, and if they found it, they’d want nothing to do with it. It’s very dangerous.
Underwater speed blur at teahupoo.
This is another spot only a handful of people know about. It’s very remote and extremely fickle.