Hands On: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2

We take an early look at Panasonic's new 3D-friendly micro four thirds interchangeable lens compact.

The dial configuration is a familiar one, giving easy access to the necessary shooting modes. One-handed operation is still very possible, if not quite ideal.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t grab any sample shots with the GH2. The memory card slots were on serious lock down. Makes sense since these aren’t actually full retail bodies.
We did get to try out the fully-functional touch-to-focus feature, which worked well. We’re a little surprised we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing in DSLRs (and DSLR-like cameras). As people get even more accustomed to the iPhone’s system, we expect to see more finger-focusing in the future. If they work this well or better, then that’s fine with us.
The green cast on some of the photos is coming from the awful table light. The body itself will only be available in silver and black when it’s released. Though, we wouldn’t be totally surprised to see more colors follow.
During the press conference, the Panasonic folks dropped a “world’s fastest autofocus” bomb on the crowd more than once. While we’re interested to test just how fast it is, our initial encounter with the GH2 did leave us pretty impressed with how fast it could lock onto a subject.
Panasonic also announced three new lenses at their big press conference today. They spent a lot of time talking about how much traction they have gained in their short tenure, especially in Europe.