This app automatically traces vectors for any design project

Super Vectorizer 2 is currently 68 percent off.

You have to have a steady hand to be good at vectors because they’ll test your patience for sure. If you’re an artist or designer and want to take your line work to the next level stop tracing vectors by hand and get a program like Super Vectorizer 2 to do it for you.

With Super Vectorizer 2, you can automatically convert images from JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more than 70 other formats to clean and scalable vectors in AI, SVG, DXF, and PDF formats. It works by using an image-quantization algorithm that traces lines, edges, and different types of colors to adapt imagery into design with nuance. Surprisingly, it even supports up to 64 colors – which means your complex images will still retain their high quality. This clever tool is an absolute must for any designer who wants to save time on vector work.

A lifetime license to Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac normally retails for $60, but our readers can get one on sale in the shop today for 68 percent off—which means you only pay $19 to make your professional life a lot easier.

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