Boost your creative productivity with 15 percent off this Mobile Pixels dual monitor

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro is a portable dual monitor that attaches to the back of your laptop and connects via USB.

Nothing boosts your editing prowess and productivity like a second monitor — but multiple color-grading monitors are expensive, and you can’t easily take a second monitor with you when you’re working on the go. Mobile Pixels understands your pain, which is why this portable dual monitor is on sale for just $179.35 with code BFSAVE15.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro is a portable dual monitor that connects directly to your laptop, allowing you to use two monitors anywhere and everywhere. With the second 1080p screen, you’ll have a wider field of view for all of your work, which is perfect for photo and video editing, graphic design, data analysis, and much more. The DUEX Pro’s compact design also means that you can enjoy a wider screen real estate in a smaller workspace.

All you have to do is connect the DUEX Pro to the back of your laptop, plug it in via USB, and slide out the secondary monitor. The DUEX Pro’s hinge offers 270° of rotation, allowing you to adjust the monitor position to fit your needs and workspace; you can even rotate the monitor to the back of your laptop screen, making it perfect for conferences and 1-on-1 presentations.

Whether it’s video editing or design, your creative skills are best utilized with a second screen, and the DUEX Pro delivers that with a small, portable solution. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro is on sale for $211, and you can get an additional 15% off using offer code BFSAVE15.

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