Keep your gear charged all day long for $35 with these portable wireless chargers

The HyperCharger X is a 6,000mAh power bank offering USB and Qi wireless charging.

As a photographer, your gear is your livelihood, so keeping them charged while on the go is a must. Whether it’s your phone or your USB charger, keeping a power bank handy will ensure your gear stays charged all day, and this HyperCharger X 2-pack is the perfect solution for $34.99.

The HyperCharger X is a thin power bank and wireless charger offering 6,000mAh of battery capacity. You can plug your devices into the HyperCharger X via USB, so it’s perfect for items such as USB battery chargers for flashes and cameras. Additionally, the HyperCharger X uses Qi charging technology to wirelessly charge devices such as phones and wireless earphones. Finally, the HyperCharger X’s slim profile is about as big as an iPhone X, so you can take it to any shoot with minimal bulk.

No photographer should ever show up to a shoot without a portable power bank. This HyperCharger X Wireless Charger 2-pack retails for $60, but you can get it for just $34.99, or 41% off.

Prices subject to change