Get this Mac photo editing app bundle for under $30

The Anamorphic Pro Visual Effects Mac Bundle features 6 apps that will help you get the most out of your iPhone photos.

High-end photography usually requires expensive lenses and rigorous photo editing, but that doesn’t mean your trusty iPhone can’t produce amazing pictures. In fact, most of us just want stunning results with minimal equipment and editing experience, which you can easily accomplish with this 15 percent off early Black Friday deal on this photo editing app bundle.

The Anamorphic Pro Visual Effects Mac Bundle has 6 useful apps to help you get the most out of your iPhone pictures. The featured app is Anamorphic Pro, which will help you achieve that gorgeous bokeh depth of field that you can usually only capture with expensive lenses. With Anamorphic Pro, you can edit Portrait Mode photos from the Mac Photos app with bokeh, highlights, lens distortion, and even color grading.

But what if you’re looking for an artsy aesthetic to fit your Instagram feed? In that case, we recommend Circular Studio, which lets you create a “tiny planet” effect in your photos. In Circular Studio, you can adjust everything from the zoom intensity, center, and rotation; you can even add additional objects such as clouds and lens flares.

These apps and more can be found in the Anamorphic Pro Visual Effects Mac Bundle, which is currently on sale for just $29. If you act now, you can get an additional 15 percent off using offer code BFSAVE15.

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