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How to double your social engagement through images.

As any photographer knows, good images are powerful—especially when trying to reach customers. But not everyone knows how to make graphics that look good, even with the latest editing programs. That’s where Stencil comes in.

Designed to help you create beautiful images quickly, Stencil is unlike other image editing programs. You don’t need tutorials or courses to use it – you can open it up and use it in seconds because it’s so intuitive. Stencil offers more than 2.2 million royalty-free photos at your disposal and allows you to use common presets to adjust them to your needs. You can even use Stencil to schedule and share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms. If you need to revitalize your marketing strategy, it’s a smart place to start because strong images can actually double your social engagement.

A one-year subscription to Stencil Unlimited would normally cost $144, but you can get one now for $49 while it’s on sale in the shop—you save 65 percent.