Enhance your smartphone camera’s potential with this Pictar Smart Grip bundle

The Pictar Smart Grip bundle comes with a Smart Grip, 2 lenses, and a smart light for enhanced smartphone photography.

Modern smartphone cameras have become so powerful that they’re more than adequate for most users. However, the comfortable form-factor of traditional cameras is largely missing from the smartphone experience. Many smartphone enthusiasts crave a solution that lets them snap photos without straining their hands over a flat rectangle, and that’s exactly what this $129.99 Pictar Smart Grip delivers.

The Pictar Smart Grip bundle features an attachment that connects to most iPhones and flagship Androids, allowing you to wield your smartphone as a traditional camera. Also included is the Pictar app, which syncs to your camera and allows you to make precise and easy adjustments when shooting photos. The bundle also features a 16mm wide-angle lens, an X12 macro lens, and a smart light, granting you more professional control over your shots. Finally, the included Splat Tripod lets you take stable or even timed photos straight from your phone.

High-end equipment is overkill unless you’re a pro photographer or enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean average consumers can’t enjoy an advanced level of control or detail. You can grab the Pictar Smart Grip bundle in black, white, or silver for $129.99, or 18 percent off.

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