Learn to use Clip Studio Paint Pro for digital art in this $15 course

Save 70 percent on the most powerful illustration, manga, and comic book software around.

Clip Studio Paint Pro, an award-winning digital art software, is used by more than four million creators worldwide—and it’s easy to see why. It’s the most powerful illustration, manga, and comic book software around, with a complete suite of creative tools and access to over 10,000 free downloadable brushes, tones, 3D models and more. And now you can master it with this 7-hour online course.

Like most artistic software, Clip Studio is pretty complex. The Master Clip Studio Paint Pro Course will help you master its most useful features while learning the fundamental drawing and painting techniques critical for beginner success.

You’ll learn to sketch using a tablet and stylus, use 3D reference models, use modifiable direct draw vector lines, add color, shade, and highlights, create gradient backgrounds, and so much more. Workshops and projects are provided to give you an opportunity to learn each technique with a hands-on approach.

By the end, you’ll even learn how to produce and distribute your work for free or for sale on Amazon and how to format and publish comic books of your own.

Worth $50, you can save 70 percent and enroll in the Master Clip Studio Paint Pro Course today for just $14.99 at the Popular Photography Shop.

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