This $19 course will show you photo secrets of the pros

Get certified to take professional photos as your job.

Learning how to become a photographer can be daunting once you get into the technical jargon—like f-stops, exposure, and shutter speed. But you actually don’t need to be technically-minded to take high-quality photos. Learn how to elevate your photography from amateur to professional with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification.

With 22 modules and 56 hours of content you can access 24/7 for life, this course is packed with everything you need to know to learn how to take good photos that can make you money. You’ll study various photography techniques through videos, articles, ebooks, flashcards, and quizzes as you learn from the most talented and experienced photographers in the industry. It’s like a college class packed into one easy-to-access online tool that will have you taking better photos from day one.

At the end of the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course, you get a professional certification that proves you successfully completed the course. This kind of learning experience would normally cost you about $2600 (as much as a college class) but you can enroll today for just $19—and save 99 percent off that price.