Create stunning HDR photos for just $10 with HDRtist

HDRtist NX2 lets you combine multiple photos at different exposures into a single, vibrant HDR photo.

If you’re new to photography, you might be wondering why your expensive camera and lens are producing sub-par results. How can you recreate the vibrant results that you see on billboards and on social media? In many cases, those larger-than-life pictures are many pictures combined into one thanks to a technique called HDR, and this $9.99 app makes it easy to achieve.

HDRtist NX2 HDR Imaging Software is an app for Mac users that lets you combine multiple photos into one to create a single, stunning photo with high dynamic range. All you have to do is take the same photo multiple times with different exposure settings, and NX2 will use its powerful Polaris tone mapping engine to compress them into a single photo. The streamlined user interface lets you easily compare your regular photos with HDR results in either Split-View or Side-By-Side views, and you can revert to an original image if you’re not satisfied with your results. Additionally, your finalized photos can be cropped to the perfect aspect ratio, so you can create HDR wallpapers for your phone, computer, or anything you wish.

You didn’t drop a fortune on a high-end camera setup just for flat, boring photos. You just need to take photos at multiple exposures, and you can combine them into vibrant HDR results with HDRtist NX2 HDR Imaging Software for $9.99, or 83 percent off.

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