Save more than 90 percent off this popular photo editing program

Don't work from scratch when you can use a program like Fotor.

Most photographers know how to use Photoshop and other image editing tools, but sometimes you just don’t feel like going all-out. Maybe you’re just making a simple invitation for your own party or testing out some mock-ups for a presentation. Don’t work from scratch when you can use a program like Fotor which allows you to create designs and edit photos online using a plethora of templates and customizable elements like fonts.

Plus, you can do all of the things you like to do in Photoshop with Fotor—adjust lighting and colors, create collages, adjust image sizes, and even make your own designs. It just gives you a little bit of help when you don’t feel like pulling out all the stops.

A 5-year subscription to Fotor Online Pro would normally run you almost $540, but if you get one through the shop today you only pay $49.99—that’s 90 percent off and comes down to about $10 per year.