Save 74 percent off a professional digital photo processor

This is the program that real pros use.

If you’re serious about digital photography, then you need to shoot in HDR–High Dynamic Range. But if you want to be able to truly control your HDR photos, you need a professional image processing program like easyHDR.

For those unfamiliar, HDR mode allows you to capture RAW images that give you greater control in exposure, brightness, and other key facets of digital photography. But many photo editors can’t process HDR images, so they’re useless. With easyHDR, you can import all of your RAW photographs into one place and boost quality with easy-to-use filters. It even batch processes large numbers of photos to save you time at the computer. If you want to be able to adjust your photos as if you’re standing behind the camera still taking them, you need to shoot in HDR and get a program like easyHDR. It’s the unbeatable way to take pictures in the digital age.

The easyHDR Image Processing Software v3.13 Home Plan normally costs $39, but today you can get it in the shop for $9.99—that’s 74 percent off the retail price.