How to master Adobe Lightroom and cut down on time spent editing your projects

Not enough people know how to use it.

When it comes to digital photography, you have to be able to do more than just take pictures—you have to be able to edit them too. Too many photographers focus all of their energy on learning Photoshop and don’t make time for any of the other Adobe Creative Suite tools—so knowing some of the more niche ones can really make you stand out. One of the programs you might consider learning is Adobe Lightroom.

Start with The Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Bundle, which includes six courses and 13.5 hours of training on the essential image editing tool. Not only does this bundle dive into how to use Lightroom, but you’ll also get tutorials on how to cut your workflow by up to 50 percent, saving you precious time on all of your assignments. You can even apply those skills to other Adobe programs. The entire bundle is worth it just to learn how to do that.

The Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Bundle would normally cost $1,200 if you purchased all of the courses separately, but today you can save 97 percent and get everything for only $25 total.

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