Photog Discovers State is Using Copyrighted Image, Sues

The Texas Department of Public safety is allegedly using David K. Langford's image on 4.5 million vehicle inspection stickers.

Left:The State Vehicle Inspection sticker in question. Right: David K. Langford’s original image.

Texas-based photographer David K. Langford is suing the state of Texas over allegations that the Department of Public Safety ripped off a copyrighted image he made in 1984. Langford recently discovered that a version of his image was being used as the main design on approximately 4.5 million vehicle inspection stickers in 15 Texas counties.

The inspection sticker was originally designed by a Texas prison inmate who converted the image in question into a silhouette for use on the sticker. The inmate pulled the image from a copy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.

What do you think? Does Langford deserve compensation for the use of his work? Or is the state of Texas in the right?