Hands On: The Midnight/Shot, a Pocket-Sized Infrared Camera

The Midnight/Shot offers one key feature--infrared photos and videos--that you won't find on your average point-and-shoot, or even your average DSLR

Taken during daylight with the camera’s macro mode and IR turned on, you can see that the berries that are hit hard with the IR flashlight have turned from a dark purple/black to white. The berries in the upper right, with less of the IR beam on them, retain their darker color. Dan Nosowitz
The Midnight/Shot is actually not a terrible shooter in color. Here’s a Manhattan building in both color and IR.
The rain creates almost a vintage-photo kind of look of a crowd in this shot Dan Bracaglia
A moving subway train Dan Bracaglia
Taken during the day in Central Park Dan Bracaglia
Foliage quickly became our favorite subject to shoot with the Midnight/Shot Dan Bracaglia