We Want This: Multiblitz Profilux Backpack Lighting Kit

Multiblitz somehow managed to cram a complete two-strobe location lighting kit into one super convenient backpack.

Multiblitz, the lighting specialist that invented the monolight more than 30 years ago, has excited us again with what may be the most portable monolight kit ever: The Profilux Backpack kit.

It comes with two intermediate-level Profilux strobes and almost everything else needed for location lighting, including the bag—letting you carry a whole studio on your back.

The 250 watt-second strobes are German-made, with LED power readouts, optical slaves, six controls, and built-in lightstand adapters. All the kit’s contents pack and unpack with absolute ease, and it weighs only 27 pounds loaded. All we need now? A low-weight, rechargeable battery to free us from having to plug in the lights.

The Profilux Backpack kit is available now for $1,250, for more info, head to Multiblitzusa.com.