Speaking Frankly: Rangefinder Revival

Our resident rangefinder expert analyzes three leading models and explains why clicking these shutters is good for the soul.


Zeiss Ikon: Challenger at half the price


Open wide: Zeiss Ikon has oversized viewfinder eyepiece, all the better to see the whole picture area. Like the Bessa it has useful window to show you what film’s inside.


Zeiss Ikon


Carl Zeiss Planar is only lens of the three rangefinder 50mm f/2 M mount lenses with 1/3 clicked f/stops, and it is most brilliantly marked.


Handsome Zeiss-Ikon top: Left side is much like Leica but with rewind crank and lever at bottom of camera. Note shutter speed dial and compensation scale much like Bessa 2A. Hot shoe is non-TTL flash. Automatically set marked frames from 28mm to 85mm.


Zeiss Ikon