Round Up: Mobile Photo Apps We Love

Put your smartphone's camera to good use with these apps for both Android and Apple

Photoaf 3D Panorama Pro

Android market: $4
With its stitching tool and orientation sensor, this app lets you create panoramas from several images and preview simulations of them. The paid pro version offers higher-res images and smoother stitching results than the free app

Camera Plus Pro 3.4

Apple App Store: $2
The recent update of this all-in-one camera app includes 21 new photo filters, 9 new distortion effects, and white-balance control. But what we like are the user-friendly retouching tools and enhanced video modes, allowing you to zoom, trim, and control time-lapse and exposure while shooting.


Android Market: $4
Vignetting is just one of this app’s retro features, along with colorizing, highlighting, and adding sepia. Android’s answer to the iPhone app Hipstamatic offers more than its rival, including tilt-shift modes for defocusing edges and a number of custom frame sizes.

Slit-Scan Camera Pro

Apple App Store:$2
By turning your phone into a slit camera, this app lets you create wild distortions. Features include a toggle to record the same line over and over, and a screen to preview your image. The pro upgrade offers higher res and lets you rotate the slit.

Pro HDR Camera

Android Market: $2
In the photo-app race, Android got out of the gate more slowly than iPhone but now it’s hot on the trail: This, the ‘Droid version of Pro HDR, gives images an extra shot of brightness, contrast, and color saturation in-camera. It also lets you expose one image for highlights and another for shadows and blend the two