Ebay Watch: Two Super Sneaky Spy Cams, a Gameboy Camera with Working Printer and More

The wildest and rarest photography gear up for auction this week.

Kilfitt UKA 659 Watch/Spy Camera Prototype: $58,800 or Best Offer

We absolutely love spy cameras and this camera/watch prototype seriously looks straight out of a 1970’s James Bond movie. Our very favorite Ebayer, Shphoto-gmbh, has in his possession, one very hard to find item, mainly because there is only one of them in the world (so he claims). This 1969 swiss-made watch is capable of shooting 5.6×5.6mm images. It features a 5mm lens and is capable of shutter speeds ranging from 1/15-1/1000 sec. It appears the watch takes some sort of disc film and saves 8 circular, fisheye-looking image per dic. Also, according to the seller, it is in near mint condition! Click to view the auction

Russian KGB Spy Camera/Bag: Current Bid $450

Nobody knows spy gear like the KGB! Allegedly this is a authentic Russian Cold War spy camera/bag. And while it is not immediately obvious from the photos, the tiny camera can actually be fixed within the bag, so that one can record as they walk around, in an inconspicuous manor. See that little rectangle on the bag, beneath the strap? That’s where the lens pokes out from. The camera itself features a f/21 lens, an automatic shutter, with shutter speeds ranging from 1/15-1/250 sec. According to Ebayer Worldphoto7710, it is in working order. Click to view the auction

Gameboy Camera, Printer and Gameboy: Current Bid $10.50

We were hesitant to include the Gameboy Camera in today’s Ebay Watch, mainly because we wanted to bid on it myself, for nostalgia’s sake (not to mention its not too often you come across a Gabeoby Camera with a working printer and printer paper!). The Gameboy Camera, our very first digital camera, was quite ahead of its time really. We remember getting one in 1999, but it actually first hit stores in 1998. We say it was ahead of its time because it offered features that are strikingly similar to camera phone apps found in the iPhone and Android app store. There was a panorama mode that stitched images together, a tim-lapse mode, even a montage mode that combined two images in a double-exposure sort of way. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the Gameboy Camera was actually used to shoot two very popular musicians’ album covers, namely Neil Young’s Silver and Gold and Paul McCartney’s Driving. If you really look hard enough, you may even be able to come across the third-party Mad Catz link cable–a magical little cord that allowed on to upload their Gameboy Camera images right to their computer. But seriously, don’t bid on this, we want it. Click to view the auction

Spheron Virtual Reality Sperocam: $21,500

The only thing cooler than reality is virtual reality. According to the Spheron Website, this camera shoots an HDR image that utilizes a range of 26 f/stops, offering the absolute most intense dynamic range imaginable. Images captured by the camera’s 50MP sensor are 360 degrees by 180 degrees–so we are talking about a final product that is as distorted as it is tone-mapped. The camera even features an automated post-processing engine and is capable of geotagging images. While it is not totally clear from Ebayer Epay3’s description whether or not the Nikon Fisheye is included with the auction, but we would assume it is. However, we do know for sure that it comes with the Spherocam itself, 2 batteries, 2 chargers, a pelican case, a laptop holder, a tripod and software. Also, according to the seller’s description, it doesn’t seem like the unit has seen too much action, less than 600 actuations total. So, if you do happen to drop 20K on this bad boy, please contact us and let us know what its like, we are actually pretty curious to see some sample images. Click to view the auction

20 Rolls of 35mm ISO 64 Kodachrome Film: Current Bid $700

Why anyone would buy a case of the now extinct Kodachrome film is beyond us, considering there is absolutely no way it can ever develop it again. But if you are looking for a pricey nostalgic paperweight, be our guest! Click to view the auction